ARC Billet Flywheel Honda/Clone 196cc

SFI certified billet aluminum flywheel for Honda GX160, GX200, & 196cc Clone.
The keyway is fixed and the stock pull starter can be used.

Weighs 3.5lbs and incorporates a special low drag fan design unique to ARC flywheels. 
A specially designed high-power rare earth magnet creates a spark that is hotter and lasts longer, getting the most power from every drop of fuel. 

Now featuring 8 degrees timing advance built into the keyway. 32 degrees BTDC. 

Set coil gap to .030" 

Flywheels made for the GX200 and 196cc Clones, NOT for Predator Engine (Shaft taper is not same). 
For use with the new 212cc Harbor Freight "Predator" ARC has introduced the 6625 Billet Flywheel

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ARC Billet Flywheel Honda/Clone 196cc

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