DUCAR 212cc Engine
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This engine is manufactured by Ducar, a company that has long been associated with superior quality within the kart racing industry. We work directly with Ducar to pick the components used to ensure performance and consistency.

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  • PVL Flywheel
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
  • Dual Ball Bearing Block
  • Ducar Hemi Head
  • Ruixing Carb
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Chrome Faced Top Ring
  • Hardened Dished Valves
  • EZ Pull-Start Design



Engine: Ducar 212
Brand: Ducar
Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooling, OHV
Displacement: 212cc
Bore: 70mm
Stroke: 54.94mm
Valve Size IN/EX: 27mm/24mm


  • Item #: DUC212

DUCAR 212cc Engine

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