Monster Moto 80 Predator 6.5 Swap Kit
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Monster Moto 80 Predator 6.5 Swap Kit

This kit took a lot of engineering, but we finally got a 6.5hp wedged into the Monster frames! The finished product resulted in surprisingly smooth power and riding. A must have for the Monster Moto 80!

For the Hot Rod Mini Bike builder and racing applications. This kit has the extra's which will result in an average 1-1.5 HP increase in power output of your 4-6.5hp Honda, Clone or Predator engine.

Choose between:

  • Uni Foam Filter
  • K&N Style Filter

Select your mini bike make and engine in the dropdown list above. 

Kit includes:

  • PMR Adjustable Mount and Angled Adapter Plate
  • 3/4" Bore 12t clutch
  • PMR Clutch Cover
  • Air Filter Kit w/ choke retainer
  • Re-Jet Kit´╗┐
  • Exhaust Header´╗┐ w/ RLV Mini Muffler
  • Throttle Linkage Kit 
  • Gas Cap Low Profile
  • Hardware


Optional Parts available if needed:

  • 3100RPM Stall Clutch (+$10)
  • Pre-Cut Chain (+$14)
  • UNI Crankcase Breather(+15)



  • Item #: PMR2

Monster Moto 80 Predator 6.5 Swap Kit

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