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The PMR Motor Mount Plate was designed by us as an easy fool proof way to mount larger 4-7 HP engines in a Baja , Motovox or many other style Mini Bikes and Go Karts.

The mount allows for left to right engine adjustment for precise sprocket alignment. as well as front to rear adjustments for chain tension. This plate solves the problem of having to slot mounting holes in the exact location to achive proper chain alignment.

 This Mount system works with engines that have the industry standard 6 3/8"  by  3" inch mount spacing .Such as the Honda GX 120-200 series, Honda 6.5 Clones. HF Predator 212,Briggs, Tec' , Subaru  and other brands in 4-7hp HP  range.For Mini  Bike Drag Racers's  it has been proven capable of handling built engines producing 15-30hp.

 Our Mount Systems come with full instruction sheets and tech support!

Buy from the best and avoid the Knock Off's

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PMR Adjustable Motor Mount Kit

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