PMR Stage 3 Kit
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PMR Stage 3 Install Kit
Baja Doodlebug, Dirtbug, Racer, Blitz and Motovox

For the Hot Rod Mini Bike builder and racing applications. This kit has the extra's which will result in an average 2-3 HP increase in power output of your 4-6.5hp Honda, Clone or Predator engine.

Added to this kit is the RLV silencer and PMR Jackshaft system. Input and output Sprockets which can be easily switched from high torque 6.73-1 ratio to high speed 5.03 -1 ratio.

Choose between:

  • Shotgun Header 
  • Underseat Exit Header
  • Uni Foam Filter
  • K&N Style Filter
  • Exhaust Clamps (Use with Shotgun Style Headers ONLY)

Select your mini bike make and engine in the dropdown list above. 

Kit includes:

  • PMR Adjustable Mount
  • 3/4" Bore 12t clutch
  • PMR Clutch Cover
  • PMR Jackshaft Kit
  • Air Filter Kit w/ choke retainer
  • Re-Jet Kit
  • Exhaust Header
  • Throttle Linkage Kit 
  • Chain
  • Hardware



  • 3100RPM Stall Clutch (+$10)
  • RLV 1" W/Clamp
  • Exhaust Clamps (Use with Shotgun Style Headers ONLY)



  • If you are running a Predator 212cc NON HEMI Engine, you will need Predator Bolt and Spacer Kit and 109mm carb stud.
  • HEMI PREDATOR does not reqiure longer stud.
  • New style DB30 frame requires rear fender & hoop removal or modification when using under seat exit header. 
  • Item #: PMR3

PMR Stage 3 Kit

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