Power Up Kit - Predator Hemi/Clone
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Power Up Kit for Predator 212cc Hemi / Clone

 Already buy a Stage 1 Kit and want to upgrade to a stage 2 kit? Here is a everything you need to power up to the next level!  1+HP GAIN!

 The clamp and strap is recommended for the Shotgun Headers. (+$13)

Kit includes:

  • Header (add $18 for RLV)
  • Exhaust Gasket
  • Air Filter
  • Billet Adaptor
  • Re-Jet Kit
  • Autolite Racing Spark Plug
  • Choke Retainer


  • Optional header choices include:
  • RLV Muffler welded on (SHOWN)
  • Welded on coupler for screw on style Bullet Muffler

Upgraded Air Filter Adaptor Choices:

  • High Flow Air Filter (+16)







  • Item #: PWRPC

Power Up Kit - Predator Hemi/Clone

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