Pro Mod Racing Engine 212cc Predator
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Pro Mod Racing Engines offers a complete performance package for the Predator Non Hemi 212cc. Engines are dyno tested and ready to bolt in to your Mini or Kart. Just add oil and plumb your fuel and go!  engines include:

  • Billet ARC Rod
  • Billet ARC Flywheel 32 degrees advanced timing
  • 32LB Valve Springs
  • Fly cut head for high compression
  • Ported Head
  • Chromoly pushrods
  • Dyno Cam 275 Lift
  • Slide Carb Kit (gas 16hp or Methanol 17.5 to 18hp)
  • Dyno tested and tuned with Sheets
  • Item #: PMR275

Pro Mod Racing Engine 212cc Predator

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