The Cheetah Clutch By Noram
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The Cheetah – the fastest animal on the planet. Introducing the exciting new Cheetah Racing Go Kart Clutch – soon to be recognized as the fastest 4-cycle racing clutch in kart racing history. Designed by the award winning engineers at NORAM, the most powerful name in kart racing, this new entry is destined to become a legend in its own time. Be first on the track to run a Cheetah – and be first across the finish line.


  • 3/4" Bore with 3/16" Keyway
  • Pitch: #35 Chain
  • Removable sprocket which saves you money & time 
  • Precision machined plate for more consistent engagement 
  • Superior linings on copper disc provide excellent engagement & lock up 
  • Clutch comes complete with 13, 14 & 15 tooth sprockets 
  • Easy adjustment of engagement springs
  • Factory Set to engage at 4000 RPM
  • Can be mounted inboard or outboard
  • Item #: NAC1315

The Cheetah Clutch By Noram

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