Ultimate Drift Trike Axle Kit
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This kit includes the majority of part needed to get your drift trike rolling. All our kits include a third bearing carrier which after R&D testing, is a must have due to how much the axle will flex when riding. Beware of other kits without a third bearing carrier.  This kit includes:


  • 1-1/4" x 40" Aluminum Axle keyed w/ Snap ring ends
  • (3) Bearing hangers
  • (3) Sealed Bearings
  • (3) Billet Bearing Cassettes
  • (2) Billet Wheel Hubs
  • Sprocket Carrier
  • Sprocket
  • Band Brake
  • (2) DWT Rims 6x5"
  • (2) Tires 11/6-5"
  • (2) Sleeves
  • Item #: UDT40"

Ultimate Drift Trike Axle Kit

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